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Michelle McGrane has a post about my chapbook, Price Reduced Again, at her beautiful site, peony moon.   Hit the link and take a look!  I’m thrilled to be there.  You’ll also see a sample poem, She Told Me Money Does Not Buy Happiness, Then She Hopped In Her BMW And Drove Away.  Many thanks to my editor, Crystal Folz of Backpack Press, for all her work!


While you’re at peony moon, be sure to look around.  Michelle McGrane is an amazing poet.  She has been published in numerous journals and is the author of Fireflies & Blazing Stars (2002) and Hybrid (2003). Her third collection, The Suitable Girl, is forthcoming from pindrop press.  You’ll find a sample poem from The Suitable Girl at the pindrop press link.  I can’t wait to read it all!


Michelle is also one of the most generous poets I’ve ever met in my life.  Most of her site is dedicated to promoting other poets.


peony moon is a must read for the serious poet or lover of words.  Poems, new books, old books, interviews with poets, and reading lists are all beautifully showcased.  It is one of my favorite poetry sites, and Michelle is one of my favorite poets.


Since I began reading peony moon, I now have some new books on my shelf and a “must buy” book list that is several pages long.  Check out the favorite poetry collections for 2009.  It runs for eight posts, from November to December.  I also love the interviews with poets and beautiful artwork at peony moon.


Thank you very much, Michelle, for highlighting Price Reduced Again.  And much appreciation to you all for your kind words and encouragement.  It has kept me going!


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My poem, The Fall of Miss Sopa, Eater of Clay, has been published in Poiesis #2.   There are excellent poets included in this edition.  The featured writer is J.J. Campbell.

Edited by leah angstman of Propoganda Press/Alternating Current, Poiesis proves that there are wonderful editors left in the world.  I’m not just saying that to suck up, either!  I’d still think she was awesome, even if I didn’t get accepted.

leah has a genuine concern for poets and the promotion of their work.  Perhaps that is because of her own experience as a poet/writer, editor, publisher, musician, actor, and visual artist who has been in the small press and underground art movement for over fifteen years.  But I think leah’s concern is also because of her heart and compassion as a person..That heart makes a big difference for me when deciding which journals to promote or where to send my dollars.

Copies can be purchased here or through the mail for $4 (plus $3 shipping) via cash, check, or money order made out to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139 USA, or via PayPal with the email address alt.current@gmail.com.

You can check out more of the titles available through Propoganda Press here.  I have just written a review for an amazing book by Christopher Cunningham, and I will share it with you here soon.

Poets promoting each other’s work–sharing, reading, and learning.. Ain’t that what it’s all about?

So please…check out the poets who have work published by leah and also support good small presses like this one!  I know I plan on ordering more of the poets I see in the catalog.  And maybe an extra copy of Poiesis #2 for Mama😀



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My poem, We Leave the Beaches for Tourists, is up at Breathing Poetry (January 13 post).. A new poem is posted every day. . Thanks so much, Nancy!

I see some awesome poets I know over there.  .Holly Dunlap of Lost Kite, Juliet Wilson of Crafty Green Poet, and Rachel Westfall of The Waxing Moon.

Another friend, K. Lawson Gibert of Old Mossy Moon just found out her poem is over there, too.  Congratulations on a well deserved honor, K!

There may be other people I know over there, and it’s always great to check out people I haven’t met yet.. So I’m headed back over to read some more right now!

Please hop over there and see this beautiful site.


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Today’s rant is about editors of literary journals. Okay, okay…before you pelt me with leftover wine and cheese from one of your schmoozy parties, I guess I should learn to be more politically correct. Today’s rant is about crappy editors of literary journals. Not all editors are crappy. Some of my best friends are editors. There. Are you happy now?

I’m just a little annoyed with a few of the bigger dogs today (and a couple of the little ones). Currently, there are two dozen pieces of my work “on hold,” because of the crappiness of editors. Reject me, please! Let me get on with my life!

What is up with making me wait eight months to a year-and-a-half, and still there is no response from your highness? Have you never heard of e-mail? How about a spam e-mail? Dear Losers: Your poems and short stories are being held hostage. Do not complain, or your career will be shot. Do not think for a moment that this means you are being considered. Chances are, you’ll receive a form rejection note six months from now. Have a crappy day.

At least I would know you received my work!

Oh wait…that’s right. What was I thinking? That would mean acknowledging the fact that poets and writers are human beings who deserve the same professional courtesy you give anyone else. We can’t have that.

Some of you even insist on snail mail submissions!!!! Heaven forbid that we should save a tree or dip the ends of our toes into the twenty first century. And you refuse to let me submit elsewhere or even post MY OWN damned work on a blog, yet you make me wait endlessly for a simple response?

Why? Because you have the power. You know I would wet my drawers to be in your slick journal. Because it might help an idiot like me get some recognition, connections, and more publications that could maybe…possibly…perhaps lead to a little (gasp) money to buy some fancy wine and cheese of my own.

Meanwhile, my work…my life’s blood…is at your mercy. Did you receive it? Is it still in the slushpile? Under a dusty desk? Next to somebody’s toilet? In a bird cage? Did anybody even read it? I don’t know. You can’t be bothered to drop my self addressed, stamped reply postcard in the mail. And all I hear are crickets when I wait six months per your guidelines to politely inquire about the status of my submission.

You suck.

Yes, I know you are king pen of the world. You are the established machine. You are the academic literary world at its most snobby elite.

You can make or break peons like me. But would it be so difficult to recruit a few more freshmen interns on your staff (or monkeys…what the hell), so they can pin a rejection letter to my story and throw it back in the SASE I so carefully included with my submission? Is that too much to ask?

It wouldn’t be hard to train the monkeys to recognize three line stanzas or really witty foreign phrases. We all know your oh-so-progressive journal is “open to all styles and voices.” Yeah, right. But don’t get me started on that one today.

And I don’t care about your personal problems. Or the fact that your mother-in-law’s coming to visit. Or your ingrown toenail. Or how you receive “thousands of submissions” from us losers a day. Yeah, yeah…cry me a river (and see the monkey idea above).

Response times should be humane, regardless of what’s going on in your life, regardless of what you don’t get paid, regardless of the size of the slushpile. ‘Cause, honey. You signed up for it.

Yes, I’m just another annoying, crazy writer who thinks a three to six month response time is not too much to ask.


Stay tuned for Editor Rant Part II…when I will describe the worst editor to ever take up space on this beautiful planet.

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