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Workers’ Compensation Blues


Julie Buffaloe-Yoder

My head

is pounding

from fighting

for a month


with the boss

who told

Leon Jonson

he’d get fired


if he filed

a claim

for Workers’



My head

is pounding

from trying

to convince

Leon Jonson


who has

a sick kid

and another

in braces

and another

in glasses


and an arm

that’s black

and blue

and broke


that he’s

got rights,

too, damnit.



The above poem was originally published in Big Hammer #13 (edited by Dave Roskos of Iniquity Press).  You can find Big Hammer and many more excellent reads from Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books HERE.


I highly recommend Dave Rosko’s work.  You can read some of his poems HERE.  Powerful words.


And here’s another must read from Iniquity Press.  If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve heard me talk about Kell Robertson.  Some of my male friends tease me about my flaming arrow reference in that post.  Sometimes, I can’t help but act like a girl.


Anyway, I like to bring his work up as often as possible, in case any new folks are reading here.  Kell Robertson is one of my favorite poets.


Watch out for those flaming arrows, boys.


Thanks for dropping in.



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Big Hammer 004Three of my poems are in Big Hammer

#13.  The poems are titled Worker’s

Compensation Blues, They Bill Him Out,

and Jobs Are Hard To Find In Rural Ohio &

If You Call OSHA, This Place Will Close.


I’ve been grinning like a fool for the past

two days, because I’m holding a copy in

my hands.  Edited by Dave Roskos, who is

an excellent poet, Big Hammer is an

awesome zine full of big names and even

bigger poetry. 


Big Hammer #13 is dedicated to Mary Beth Roskos and Dave Church.

Many people are familiar with Dave Church’s powerful work.  Yes, it is in



I found a link for ordering from outlaw poetry and free jazz network,

which is one of my favorite places to read on the net.   To check it out or place

an order, click HERE.


After you click the above link, scroll down and look at that fellow’s picture.

Yep.  Kell Robertson is in there showing the world how it’s done.  If you’ve

read this site for any time now, you know how much I love Kell’s work.  But

I’d better hush about that, or I’ll start talking about flaming arrows going

through my country soul or some such girlie stuff.


My tip of the hat to Kell isn’t intended to discredit anyone else, though.  I love

it all.


Dave Roskos has been bringing great poetry to the world for a long time, and

IniquityPress/Vendetta Books publishes high quality work.  If you want

to read poetry about real people, poetry with teeth, blood, soul and sweat,

then this is the place to go.


Instead of looking at my pathetic attempts to download pictures, look at this

link from outlaw poetry and free jazz network to see more Iniquity

Press titles HERE. There is a great bio of Dave Roskos and his work.  I also

love the description of the people Dave publishes.  I almost fell off my chair

when I read about the old tire soap trick.  I thought my family invented that



The books are excellent.  Right now, I’m reading light dark light by Tom

Kryss, and I’m blown away.  Thank you, Dave.


I encourage everybody to check out all the titles and all the Big Hammer

issues in the links above.  It will be easier for folks in the states to order Big

Hammer #13 by sending ten bucks via paypal to iniquitypress@hotmail.com

or by mail (no checks please) to  POB 54, Manasquan, NJ 08736.   The work is



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A friend introduced me to Kell Robertson’s poetry when I was a kid. I was thunderstruck. Sure, I had heard of Kell, even before I read his work. People used words like cowboy, underground, or outlaw to describe him. But that’s not the first impression I had of Kell’s poetry. I was amazed at how well he portrays the human condition. Kell writes about people I know, and his voice sent a flaming arrow straight to my soul.

Kell Robertson speaks my language–the voice of the working class, the strong, aching backbone of the world. Here is a poet who’s not a poser, a poet who truly knows what the word hardscrabble means. And it is beautiful, damnit. Not contrived or stereotypical. When I read Kell Robertson’s poetry, the pages in my hands sing.

You don’t have to be working class or a cowboy or a lover of campfires to appreciate Kell’s work. Anyone can love lines like these from his poem, Song:

“A mad old man staggering down the road

mumbling to himself of bones and promises

of bells that ring in his heart at night

and corpses that actually sing to him

from beneath the rocks of silence”.

I’m surely not a reviewer, because everything I try to say about the poetry of Kell Robertson comes out sounding like a high school groupie screaming in the front row. Freaking awesome poet are three words that instantly come to mind.

So, I’d better leave the reviewing to the professionals. Here’s a really good review by Todd Moore about Kell’s latest book, The Goofy Goddess On The Wall. The above passage from Song is from this book. Of course, you probably know that Todd Moore is also an excellent poet.

Check out Todd’s review HERE

Outlaw poetry and free jazz network is a great site, so stick around there and read it all.

To order Kell’s book, send $5.00 to Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books, POB 54, Manasquan, NJ 08736. Dave Roskos is the editor and can tell you much more than I can. All I know is that I have read the book at least fifty times, and yes, the words still sing.

Kell is also one of my favorite musicians. Here’s a link to a video posted by hipbilly on Myspace Videos of Kell and Jason Ecklund playing and singing. I wish I had been there. Watch the video HERE

Check out Pathwise Press for more about Kell’s books.

A sample of Kell’s poetry from The United States of Poetry (World of Poetry) site can be found HERE

Here’s a great Lummox Press Interview with Kell by RD “Raindog” Armstrong (also inspired by Todd Moore). After you read the interview, go to their home page and check out the awesome stuff going on there, too.

Mike Good and the Blonde Boy Grunt & The Groans site also has more information about ordering Kell’s books and/or CD’s. Another very cool site.  I’d also love to hear them play.

If I’m not crediting everyone correctly, please set me straight, and I’ll try to fix it. I don’t know what I’m doing three fourths of the time, especially here.

I could go on and on about my admiration for Kell Robertson’s poetry. But it’s closing time now. So let’s just have one more round and one more song in his honor.



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