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I tried to write a Christmas poem, but this one came out instead. So it will have to suffice. This time of year makes me think on a deeper level about loved ones. This one’s in honor of my mother. .She has been so good to me.


Time Warp

Julie Buffaloe-Yoder

I felt sorry for myself

in the 1980’s when

I headed for college


with a taped up suitcase,

no handle, three faded

blouses, dollar t-shirts,

fifty nine cent flip-flops,

old jeans, then I opened


the suitcase; there

was a wrinkled

ten dollar bill

and my mother’s

best outfit,

far older than

anything I owned.


White polka dots on

a navy blue blouse,

huge sailor collar

with a tie,

studded pumps,

pencil skirt


nylons with lines

up the back, big fat

plastic red beads,

bracelet to match..


I put on that outfit

ready to fight anyone

who might laugh,

went to a keg party.


It was a hit—the rich girls

thought I was retro cool.

The guys thought I

had Bette Davis eyes.


The next morning,

I thought of my mother

dreaming of her girl

the only one in college,

clicking down echoing halls

instead of scrubbing them.


I thought of Mama’s

sweet red knuckles

washing, ironing, folding

her best, not dreaming


her girl was at a kegger

in that polka dot blouse

hopping up and down

like a purple-eyed fool


to The Time Warp

and Combat Rock.






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