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Art Coelho is one of my favorite poets.  I love all of his work, including his fiction and art.  So you can imagine how happy I was to see that some of his work is highlighted at Irene Maria F. Blayer and Lélia Pereira Nunes’ Comunidades.  It is a beautiful site.


Art Coelho’s poem, Like A Good Unknown Poet, is posted at Comunidades.  Like A Good Unknown Poet received the Pushcart Prize in 1976.  It’s one of those poems that will never leave me.  It reaches down into my soul and holds on hard.  It makes me want to howl at the moon.  It does everything a poem should do.


You can read Like A Good Unknown Poet by Art Coelho at Comunidades by clicking HERE.


Another must read is one of Art’s newer poems, Azorean Immigrant Rites of Passage.  You can read it on Comunidades and see his artwork by clicking HERE.   The poem is amazing, as is the picture.


Art also has some very interesting posts on Comunidades about his brother, Michael Lynn Coelho, who was known as Badger Stone.  Badger was an artist, song writer and folk singer who touched the lives of all the people he met.  I wish I had known Badger, but just reading about him makes me feel like I have met him.

The tribute Art has written to Badger is excellent.  It is in four parts called Hard Road To Freedom.  You can read all four Badger posts by clicking HERE HERE , HERE and HERE.


Art Coelho’s art website is HERE.  Take a look at his beautiful prints.  To purchase a print or if you have any questions, Art can be reached at artcoelho@cablemt.net.


Be sure to bookmark Comunidades to see all of the future posts.   A big tip of the hat to Art Coelho for his excellent work.  He doesn’t do it for “recognition” or fame, because he is a true poet and artist.  But I like to give credit where it is due.  His work has taught me many things.


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