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Well, it’s about time I posted a poem.  I also wanted to stick my head up out of

the hole and say hello again.  The negative part about being “away” is that I

miss the good folks who happen along.


I’ve been working on some deadline driven projects, which keeps me buried.

But I love the work, so it’s all good.


First, a couple of notes:


♦  I read some awesome books in the past few weeks, and I look forward to

telling you more about those.  And there are even more that I can’t wait

to read.  Stay tuned for those shout outs.


♦  I’ve had a couple of acceptances lately, which is always a great feeling.

I’ll post those as soon as they go live.


♦   Ashley Capes has written a very nice review about my chapbook.

Thanks, Ashley!  You can read the review HERE.


I’ve talked about Ashley’s work here in the past, but in case you missed it,

please be sure to check out his books.  I’m a big fan of his work.  I’m not

just saying that because he wrote such a nice review of my chap.  I truly

mean it.  I read Stepping Over Seasons last year, and it was one of my

favorite books of the year.


Ashley’s first haiku collection, Orion Tips The Saucepan, is available

through Picaro Press.  I love that title!  I will definitely be putting in my

order.  If you click the links above, you can also read sample poems.


And here’s my poem for today.  No, I’m not making fun of people with

mental illness.  It’s one of my biggest fears, because I sometimes think I am

close to that thin line that divides the “normal” from the “abnormal.”  Not

dangerous abnormal.  But curl up in a ball on the floor and babble abnormal.


Is that too much information?  Well, shoot.  It shouldn’t be a big shock that

poets grapple with mental demons.  I have a feeling that every human being

does, too.


Anyway, this is really about my creative process, which is wide open,

nonstop, elevated to one hundred miles an hour, messy, wild, and…errr…a

whole lotta strange.  It’s a visceral, physical thing.  It’s a pinball machine of

nonstop thought, images, and ideas.  Often, it begins with darkness and

sorrow, but then it leads me to some sort of personal resolution.  All those

swirling thoughts have to be caught, tied up, and chiseled into a form.


Maybe the work is what keeps me sane.  And I’ve never had writer’s block in

my life.  That’s a big plus.


So, this is where I’m at today.  The end result is good.





Julie Buffaloe-Yoder

A cold moon rambles through the branches

and so do I, with zig-zag flashes by the river,

sky lights up burnt faces from half a world away


and right here on this side, a mother killed her daughter

choked the father, drowned the dog, dropped the bombs

ate the poison, sank the ships, said the talking heads and I


don’t know what drives this fast train, this static of a brain

with too much something, the rack crack sizzle of all those

swirling words and who knows what might snap underfoot.


So here I go again, ten miles of river, foaming four a.m.

winding tight through vines and every pulsing vein

along the trail and I don’t care what’s over there I will


jump the rocks one-two-three, cross the low part rushing,

slice the water, drink the mud, move the biggest boulder

at the end,  look beneath dear God and wonder, but I


won’t take their pretty purple pills; I’ll go under biting,

write a poem, touch soft faces in the churning eddies,

put small red pebbles in a row—shape, texture, size,


swing myself to sleep a slow wet creep back to normal,

back to Wednesday morning, back to tackle, hold, love

all the slick, sharp edges of this tilted, spinning world.




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Life has been crazy for me the past couple of years.  Right now, it’s

especially crazy.  The kind words people have given me here keep me going.

I’m not just saying that.  I doubt I would have lasted six months on the

internet without all the good souls who come along.


Today’s post is a nod to two poets and bloggers who have been good to me

recently.  But please know how much I appreciate you all.


Terresa Wellborn has posted one of my poems at her beautiful site,

The Chocolate Chip Waffle.   Thank you, Terresa!   You can read the

poem HERE.  If you’ve been reading here for a long time, you may have

read it in the past.  But I chose that particular poem as a tip of the hat to

Terresa’s life experiences.  The lady in the poem was very real.


I love Terresa’s poetry.   Take a look at her poem, Checking Myself In.  Is

that awesome or what?   That’s exactly how I feel lately.  She nailed it.


You can find more of Terresa’s work HERE or just by reading her blog.

Please do.  It is so beautiful.  I know I will be reading her work in journals

and books for many years to come.


Another thanks goes to Ashley Capes, who posted one of my poems at his

site, kipple.   Now my face is turning red, because I should have thanked

Ashley ages ago.  I am a huge fan of his work.  Please check out Ashley’s

blog  HERE and read more of his poetry.   I was especially happy to

see there’s a new review of his latest book at Overland blog.


I love all of Ashley’s work, but lately I’ve been loving his book of poems,

Stepping Over Seasons.  I plan on telling you more about this fantastic

work.   But don’t wait for me.   Read the review at Overland blog.  And read

some sample poems HERE.   You can also see Ashley’s first collection,

Pollen and the Storm, HERE.


Now, don’t think that I’m saying good things  just because Terresa and

Ashley were good to me.  I was a fan already.  One of the best things about

the internet has been the awesome work I get to read and pass along to

others.  You may already know Ashley and Terresa, but if you don’t, please

read and link!  You’ll be very glad you did.



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