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Big Barbie


Has black plastic trash bags

taped over the windows

in her single-wide trailer.


Three hundred pounds

of Triple D axle grease,

Big Barbie’s got a tattoo

of a dead cop on her ass,


short white spike hair

black boots, tunnels

in her ears; she rides

naked on her Harley

in the middle of the night.


Big Barbie knows pipes,

transmissions, belts,

better than any damn man.


She likes to play rough

with pretty little dolls,

knock off their heads


and leave them laying

in a dumpster behind

Angel Mae’s Bar.


She’s got the best acid

in Chatham County.

Don’t go to Big Barbie’s

unless you’ve got cash.


But once a month

when her pipes get funky,

she sits by the window


and thinks about how

her stepfather raped her.

She thinks about the baby

those bastards took away.


Big Barbie cuts her arm

with a rusty razor;

tweaks while she bleeds

into black plastic space.

-Julie Buffaloe-Yoder


This poem originally published in Don’t Call Me Plath.



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